What Is PhysioYoga?

PhysioYoga Therapy is an approach to rehabilitation that combines evidence informed Physical Therapy and yoga therapy, resulting in a holistic or biopsychosocial approach to your rehabilitation experience.

Physical Therapy (or Physiotherapy) is a well respected health care profession that uses evidence informed treatment methods to help clients restore and maintain optimal movement and function, provide pain rehabilitation and pain care, as well as provide education on health creation, maintenance and injury prevention. As licensed health care professionals, physical therapists have extensive training and knowledge about how the body functions and the pathophysiology of a variety of dysfunctions. Specialized skills are used to assess, diagnose and treat individuals suffering from a variety of injuries, disease symptoms and disabilities.

Yoga is an ancient life system of health that promotes 'union' and recognizes and addresses the oneness of the body, mind, breath and spirit, therefore enhancing and promoting an overall balanced lifestyle of health and well-being.

Licensed health care professionals who are trained to apply yoga methods and philosophy to an individual with specific health concerns or dysfunction, can offer a safe and effective approach to healing, using a biopsychosocialspiritual framework that promotes patient self efficacy, empowerment and self healing.

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