Custom Orthotics

At Planet Healthcare our CHIROPODISTS are trained to make you custom made orthotics. We provide our clients with orthotics that are light, durable, and comfortable. The orthotic assessment and design will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour in total. All orthotic evaluations include a thorough movement assessment, specific foot, ankle and knee measurements and a custom fitting.

At Planet Healthcare we specialize in two types of custom orthotics: lightweight orthotics and non-lightweight orthotics (traditional custom made orthotics).

Lightweight orthotics is low profile, extremely lightweight, and geared towards mildly supporting the foot while still allowing the foot and ankle to get stronger. The traditional custom orthotics provides more support and is geared towards a foot that needs more external control. Both types of orthotics can correct foot pronation or supination during walking and running.

It has been shown that correction to foot positioning may reduce low back pain, hip and knee pain, chronic foot pain or foot instability.

**Covered by most insurances**

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